Search Engine Optimisation otherwise known as ‘SEO’ is a crucial element of any online success. There are no shortcuts to success, yet with the right marketing plan you can achieve fairly quick results. RIECOM has built its business specialising in this service, and more specifically SEO organic results for its clients, and has spent many years finding out what actually works for website owners.

So how do you make a high ranking website that will hold great results for the long term? Answer – lots of time and effort! It is the process of developing a website’s code, creating targeted keywords, choosing key phrases, generating backlinks and writing content that is relevant to ensure that the site appears high on search engine results lists. This is an ever changing process and requires ongoing efforts for continued success.

Due to the nature of our clients wanting online success we have through natural growth and development added Web Design, Web Development and Hosting to our portfolio of services. Although this is not our strongest skillset, our team is very competent and we do offer websites that will work on any device using the latest technologies and design processes. When our technical knowledge is stretched we also have a pool of experienced partners that we use for complex website development and database design allowing us to sell ourselves as an Internet agency that can achieve anything.