competitive marketing plans

Each client at RIECOM is assigned a dedicated Accounts Manager. Your point-of-contact is a trained and certified SEO professional with a proven track-record in managing SEO campaigns successfully. He is backed by a Project Manager with over 20 years of search engine optimisation experience.

Search Engine Optimisation if done correctly is very complex, but we use simple steps to ensure our clients understand the process and is transparent in explaining what the marketing budget is being spent on.

Campaign Setup
This phase involves analysis of your site, link structure, code, navigation and content of the website. This phase also includes analysing your top five competitors on the major search engines and planning a strategy to move above them.

Keywords Research
We conduct extensive research using varied tools and actual search data to find keywords worth your investment. Factors, such as your target clientele, geographic area and nature of your business are kept in mind while finalising keywords. The keyword data is sent for your review and approval before moving forward to the next stage.

Page Analysis
The focus is on content optimisation through keyword incorporation to the current copy, whilst ensuring the page makes sense relevancy to the topic is considered to ensure it fits with the search engines criteria. Pages are specifically optimised according to the different theme of each page/section on your site.

Code Optimisation
Code is the heart of all websites, and is a vital organ that must be kept clean. Our SEO specialists analyse the code and rewrite the title tag, description tag, and keyword tag to ensure they are search engine optimised, search engine friendly and most importantly clickable.

Backlink Audit
The task is to get smart links from content marketing which promise maximum value in keeping with the changing search engine guidelines. All the links that we get are from relevant, related, clean websites that are specifically targeted just for your website. We believe that a low Page link from a targeted website is better than a one way link from a random one that could get you blacklisted.

Google+, Facebook & Twitter Marketing
We believe social media has become part of search internet optimisation. That’s why, all our packages come integrated with a social component to keep your social accounts active by marketing them at the same level your website is, this also keeps your search results diversified and current.

Pricing is simple too >