Who will work on my campaign?

RIECOM has a team of SEO professionals, but you will be provided a dedicated Account Manager who will be responsible for managing your campaign and will ensure that the campaign is on track. The Account Manager will be in contact with you through e-mail most of the time due to varying hours that are worked. The Internet is 24/7 and so is your campaign.

How will I get project updates?

We work 24/7 on your project and if you ever need reassurance or have any questions then you can just contact us via our website forms or email your account manager direct and they will contact you at a suitable time. Our account managers will often communicate to you when changes or updates are being made, or when we need to speak to third party suppliers you use to make changes, so you will have regular contact to discuss anything.

How long before I can see results?

New sites take longer than old sites to show up in top results. Once the campaign starts, we will provide you with an expected timeline based on technical site review and keyword analysis. Generally, new campaigns can take 5-6 months whereas established sites may take 3-4 months to show improvements, and in certain circumstances you can see progress in as little as 6 weeks.

Do I need to do anything extra to comply with changing search engine guidelines?

No, it’s all taken care of by RIECOM. Our processes and quality standards are constantly checked and updated as per the latest changes in algorithms. From link partners to the directories, we review everything on a regular basis so you don’t have to.